Your business started off as a seed. It’s time for it to sprout.

Website packages to help any small-to-medium sized business get off the ground.

If you build it they will come.

But they really won’t. Often a business will think that just getting a website up is enough. Unfortunately you need to do a lot more.

You need to get people to the site and once they are there you need to convert them.

Each day you need more and more people to visit your site to help your business grow. You do not know how they are going to find it or where they are coming from, but you can increase your chances of being seen.

When running a business do you have time for...

  • Search Engine Optimization?
  • Checking your search engine rankings?
  • Making sure your site is converting
  • Staying on top of your social media marketing?
  • Ensuring your site’s design works well across all devices?

With the help of SproutKit you can focus on running your business while we focus on ensuring that it continues to grow.

Did you know that over 80% of your potential audience uses search engines to find local product & service information?

We live in world now where people do not find what they are looking for through the Yellow Pages. The first thing they do is go to Google to see if they can find what they want.

As a business you want to be at the top of these rankings because these people have the intention to buy. This means they aren’t browsing, but instead have their wallets out ready to hand over their money.

First impressions do matter.

76% of people surveyed say the most important aspect of a website is ease of use.

What are you doing to ensure your site is easy to use and to look at?

SproutKit will help you get a design that is both easy to use and wonderful to look at. We do not do this so we can showcase to the world how wonderful we are at design, but to help you improve your business.

Better looking sites convert better. Our goal is to increase the conversions of your site and give you piece of mind that nobody is leaving because it is difficult to use.

When was the last time you ate at a dirty restaurant?

Hopefully it has been a very long time. How often do you enter a store, see it’s a mess, and think that maybe this isn’t the place for you?

People expect to see a certain level of quality when the visit a website today. It is the first impression of your business and if it is the wrong one it is too easy for someone to click the back button and never return.

You do not need to have a cutting-edge design to convert potential customers, but you do need something that is easy on the eyes.

SproutKit follows the best design practices to ensure your site has a quality design and is usable for every person in your audience.

This means making sure the site works consistently across all devices because you never know in what way someone is going to view your site.

The marketing game has changed.

Before you could put an ad in the YellowPages, on the radio, or TV and expect that it will work. That stuff doesn’t work anymore.

There are just too many brands trying to grab people’s attention to the point where people have automatically shut off any ads they see.

People expect more from brands and their is only so much mindshare to go around. It is important that you claim a spot by showcasing your brand as one that provides unlimited value to people.

Once you do this you are no longer just a business trying to make money, but a business looking to better the lives of everyone it serves.

The key is consistency. How do you handle your social media presence? Does it follow a content strategy or do you just post to it because everyone else says you should?

People trust brands that provide them with some type of value in their lives.

Search engine ads. Social media marketing. Content marketing.

All different types of marketing that you can now do online, but how do they work? They only begin to work once you know how to provide value to your audience.

This doesn’t mean just offering special discounts for those people that follow you, but also helping them with great content.